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5 facts about me

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  1. I was put on the spot so I don’t know who I am anymore…
  2. My favorite color is royal blue.
  3. Someone wearing my favorite color or dark blues in general can affect how much I like them. Ill have a crush on you the day you wear a shirt that color and the next day I will feel nothing
  4. I tend to sound mean or weird but I don’t intend to hurt peoples feelings.
  5. Not very talkative and also not a great listener but will drop my whole lifes goal if a friend needs an ear or a shoulder

Not gonna tag anyone this time hehe I got someone to say they hated me  last time teehee (I love you too darling!! *throws glitter*)


[TWITTER 140729]

[U-KWON] Singer taeil #HER ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[JAEHYO] RT Taeillie singing ‘To my boyfriend’

T/N: Originally by Fin.K.L

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